Indicative Margins

The below table lists the indicative maximum initial margin (IM) percentages. Indicative IM is shown as a percentage of each contract’s notional value and the indicative $ IM value, as provided by Nodal Clear, which provides clearing services for LMX Labs

Please note that the indicative margin values below:

  • vary based on direction of the position (long or short)
  • do not factor in potential offsets via portfolio margining which Nodal utilizes
  • will fluctuate based on volatility, changing market conditions, and other factors.

Table last updated:

Product Product Symbol Long (buy) % Long (buy) $ Value Short (sell) % Short (sell) $ Value

This is provided for informational purposes only. The margin applicable to your trades and positions may be more or less than that stated above. Any questions regarding margin should be directed to your broker.

The rates above are estimated hedge rates.